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Nightly Specials starting at 5:30pm

Monday - Fresh Pasta 

Tuesday - Quarter Roast Chicken

Wednesday - Burgers

Thursday - Chef Nick's choice

Friday - Catfish and Jo Jo's

Saturday/Sunday - Brunch!

(updated April 2018)




Seasonal specials we've recently made:

December 2016

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

March 2016

BO SSAM - smoked sweet pork belly, butter lettuce, sticky rice, Korean style chili sauce, and scallion vinegar.

EGGS BENEDICT - classic...poached egg, ham & hollandaise on an english muffin 

BRISKET QUESADILLA - brisket, cheddar, feta & crema on a flour tortilla 

CATFISHWICH - cornmeal crusted fried catfish on a potato bun with cheddar, tartar sauce & greens 

MOREL MELT - morel mushrooms, bechamel, dill, swiss, dijon & an egg open face on brioche 

HOUSEMADE FENNEL & CIDER SAUSAGE: on a hoagie with kraut, mayo & mustard 


Three (3) White Bean & Garlic Crostini -with smokey leeks, fennel, and feta.

Brisket & Black Bean Chili - topped with tortilla chips, sour cream, radish, and green onion

Cheesesteak - grilled house made roast beef, american cheese, grilled red & green peppers, onions, and mayo on a hoagie.

GOCHUJANG BRAISED CHICKEN - Bone-in Chicken, braised in a sweet and spicy sauce, and served over crispy fried rice.

SAUSAGE - House-made kumquat and rosemary sausage with your choice of 2 sides.

STRATA & SALAD - savory bread pudding made with caramelized kabocha squash, kale, onion, and gouda. Served with a small green salad

February 2016

BRISKET & RICE -Our house-smoked Brisket, house BBQ sauce, buttered rice, and collard greens

Louisiana Hash - Cajun rice and potato hash with house-made garlic sausage and cod, topped with smoky tomato caper remoulade, a fried egg and green onions. Served with toast and a salad

White bean spread on como toast with pickled fennel and arugula

Fisherman's Stew - cod and potato in a tomato, paprika and garlic seafood broth topped with aioli, served with toast

LINGUINE WITH ROMANESCO -everyone's favorite fractal vegetable, grown with love by our friends at Simington Gardens, served in white sauce over pasta. Served with como toast and a small green salad. Delicioso!

HOUSEMADE GARLIC SAUSAGE - served with your choice of 2 sides

STRATA - Eggplant, salami, garlic, mozzarella, and arugula strata, served with a side salad.

Crab Linguini with preserved lemon and fresh herbs, served with
garlic bread and a side salad

Netarts Bay oysters on the half-shell served with lemon wedges

Ham and bean stew served with cornbread, jalapeño jam, butter  
and scallions 

PICKLED CAULIFOWER PO BOY - breaded & fried pickled cauliflower, on a hoagie with ketchup, iceberg, tabasco & preserved tomato

BRISKET QUESADILLA - with cheddar, feta, roasted poblanos, sriracha mayo & crema

SAUSAGE PLATE - our own garlic and red wine sausage, with 2 sides of your choice.

KIM-CHI GRILLED CHEESE -Cheese, Blue Bus Kraut-Chi & Secret sauce, on sliced white bread

CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE! with chocolate chip cookie crust
Ginger cookies,
Salted chocolate chip cookies, 
Gluten free coconut macaroons, 
Cherry bread pudding, 
Banana nutella bread pudding,

BUTTERNUT GRATIN - made with Parmesan cheese, shallots, & cream, and served with a little green salad

January 2016

CHILE CON CARNE - Bowl only. Topped with tortilla strips, slaw, and sour cream

MISO SOUP -with nori, wild mushrooms, toasted sesame, & green onions (BOWL ONLY)

KOFTA SANDWICH -lebanese meatballs, feta, pickled fennel, tahini, and arugula, served in our house-made flat bread, with a side of greek olives. 

MUSHROOM MELT - hedgehog mushrooms & swiss cheese, melted over toasted como

::::::::::::::::FROM THE BAKERY::::::::::::::::

KOFTA PLATE - Two housemade Lebanese meatballs, with feta, olives, tahini, farm green salad, & housemade flatbread.

chicken noodle soup aka just what the dr. ordered. 

-fried brussels sprouts, served with stoneground mustard OR tarragon aioli (a great appetizer!) 

-mushroom & potato soup (vegan! gluten free!) 

SMOKED PAPRIKA SAUSAGE -With your choice of 2 sides.

SMOKED HAM HOCK & BEANS - topped with scallions and served with our famous housemade cornbread & jalapeño jam.

PORK & BEANS - topped with scallions and served with our famous housemade cornbread & jalapeño jam

MUSSELS FRITES - mussels with fennel and housemade aquavit and tarragon aioli, served with fries

ROAST CHICKEN - served with a biscuit and your choice of one side! (Please allow 30 minutes for preparation -- roasted to perfection just for you!)

MUSSELS FRITES - mussels with fennel and housemade aquavit and tarragon aioli, served with fries

ROAST CHICKEN - served with a biscuit and your choice of one side! (Please allow 30 minutes for preparation -- roasted to perfection just for you!)

SMOKED WHITEFISH SPREAD - smoked cod spread served with thick slices of como bread, pickled onions, and a small farm greens salad

FRIED CATFISH -served with a roasted kabocha-coppa hash, with pickled fennel and arugula. plus a fried egg!

MEATBALL SANDWICH - Housemade meatballs, marinara, provolone, & Mama Lil's peppers on a hoagie.

CHOP SALAD - Chicories, pear, fennel, breadcrumbs, & bacon with an aioli dressing.

CARNE ADOVADA - Chili braised pork shoulder on parsnip polenta with cabbage, radish, poblanos, & lime.

MUSSELS FRITES >> with fennel and housemade aquavit and tarragon aioli, with fries!

>>OPEN FACED SANDO  >> with hedgehog mushrooms, red potato, dill, parsley and chives on como toast topped with sour cream!

MEATBALL SANDWICH - marinara sauce, housemade meatballs, provolone, Mama Lil's peppers on a hoagie roll. Served with a green salad

SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS - Fresh Pasta, topped with marinara, parmesan, and lamb/pork/beef meatballs!

SPLIT PEA & HAM SOUP - (bowl only) Large Bowl, served with a big piece of toasted como.

December 2015

Bagel with Lox - Served with capers, red onion and cream cheese.

Scandinavian Board - Housemade Lox, preserved lemon, pickled beets, rye crisps, farm greens, dill cream and capers.

OPEN-FACED SWEDISH MEATBALL SANDO - housemade meatballs served on rye toast with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. Served with a farm green salad.

SWEDISH BEEF STEW -a hearty and delicious dinner portion bowl of stew with pickled beets and chives. Served with rye toast.

CHEESY GRITS W/BRISKET & A BISCUIT - Just like it sounds! Our housemade brisket and housemade buttermilk biscuit served with creamy grits. Warm up with this southern feast!

SPECIAL CHOP - chicories, pear, fennel, Green Goddess dressing topped with breadcrumbs

WILTED ARUGULA SALAD - arugula, bacon, delicata squash and brown butter topped with an egg. Breakfast for dinner!

:: soup ::
HEARTY LENTIL VEGETABLE (made with chicken stock)

We have Mulled Wine! 

CHOP SALAD-Chicories, delicata squash, pears, fennel, bread crumbs, and green goddess dressing. Add some bacon for 3 more bucks!

STRATA & SALAD-Kale, bacon, onion, & swiss strata, served with a little side farm green salad.

BUTTERMILK BISCUIT- you can have some honey and butter with it, if you are into that kind of thing.

P's + Q's BURGER AND FRIES -  fresh ground chuck with iceburg, gouda, pickled red onions, and mayo on a potato bun.

PORK AND BEANS - served with cornbread, butter, and jalapeno jelly.

THE McCALLISTER -Fried chicken, on a biscuit with honey, whole grain mustard, & pickles. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

whole pan roasted Idaho trout served with fennel, arugula, grapefruit & oil cured olive salad

HUNTER'S SAUSAGE - housemade sausage with wild mushroom, turkey, winter spices, malty beer. Served with 2 sides of your choice. 

ROASTED EGGPLANT -  warm carmelized onion, garlic and eggplant dip on como toast topped with capers and paquillo peppers, served with feta and olives

SWEET POTATO FRITTERS -  three housemade fritters served with lemon crema and a small farm green salad

ROASTED CHICKEN -A quarter of a chicken, parsnips roasted in brown butter, a biscuit, & a your choice of one side. (Please allow 30 minutes to prepare.)
PAPPERDELLE PASTA - Made with brown butter, delicata squash, cream, Gremolata, and arugula. Creamy and delicious!
SAURKRAUT SOUP- Kraut, Bacon, Bratwurst, Paprika, Cream.
WINTER GRATIN - Sweet potato, kale, shallots, and parmesan cheese, served with a side salad. 
TURKEY SAMMICH - Turkey, basil-walnut pesto, swiss cheese, iceburg lettuce, & mayo on a toasted potato bun. 


Carrot Cake
Chocolate & Pear Bread Pudding
Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies
Apple Pie


November 2015

HOUSEMADE BURGER -10- griddled onions, gouda, mayo, lettuce, and our bread and butter pickles on a potato bun. Fries included!
SQUASH FRITTERS -9- Made with white cheddar and onions. Served with salad and garlic aioli.
PORK BELLY SANDO -9- Kraut-chi and Korean BBQ sauce on a potato bun.
GRIDDLED ROAST BEEF -9.50- Swiss, arugula, pickled red onion and garlic sauce on ciabatta. 
SHISHITO PEPPERS - 5 - Blistered in olive oil & finished with sea salt.
WILD MUSHROOM & CELERY ROOT CHOWDER - 10 - served over sourdough
ROASTED PARSNIPS & SUNCHOKES - 5 - topped with dukkah (a Mediterranean spice mix with sesame seeds)
BRAISED CABBAGE SANDWICH - 8.50 - braised red cabbage, apples, swiss cheese, & secret sauce on toasted rye.

SMOKED BRAT -12- Served with caramelized cabbage, rye toast, stone ground mustard, and your choice of side.

October 2015

THE KAUFFMAN - 12 - (where you'll find the KC Royals!!) Hot Italian Sausage, ketchup, mustard, mayo, kraut, pickled jalapeno and american cheese. "GO ROYALS!!" -P's and Q's

CHEESESTEAK - 10 - mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, steak & american cheese on a hoagie

SHRIMP PO'BOY - 12 - Breaded and fried shrimp, with lettuce, tabasco ketchup, tomato, & bread+butter pickles on a hoagie.

FENNEL GRILLED CHEESE - 8 - sharp provolone, mayo and pickled fennel served on ciabatta

HEARTY LENTIL SOUP - 7 (bowl only) - a big bowl of soup served with a big hunk of our housemade focaccia bread

CHANA MASALA -9- delicious curried vegetables spiced to perfection and served with coconut rice and cilantro.

ROASTED PARSNIPS & SUNCHOKE - 5- topped with dukkah (a Mediterranean spice mix with sesame seeds)
PAN SEARED PORK CHOP - 14- with an onion-apple compote, braised red cabbage, and a side of your choice.
RED BEANS 'n' RICE -10- with smokey tasso ham, and fresh-baked cornbread.
GRATIN -9- Sweet potato, yam, & sausage gratin, served with a farm green salad


TACO PIE -10- layers of tortilla with custard, chicken, beans, cheese, onion, salsa, and topped with slaw and sour cream.

SMOKEY RED BEANS & RICE - 10 - served with Tasso ham and cornbread. The perfect fall feast!
OYSTER PO'BOY - 12 - crispy fried oysters, tabasco, ketchup, tomato and iceberg lettuce on a hoagie
EGGPLANT Po'BOY - 10 - crispy eggplant with cilantro slaw and remoulade on a potato bun

CATFISH-WICH -10- fried catfish, cheddar, tartar sauce and greens on a potato bun.
CHICKPEA SALAD SANDWICH -8- chickpea pureé, sheepsmilk feta, pickled onions and arugula on ciabatta roll. A summer favorite here for a short time!

OPEN-FACE BEET SANDWICH -9- Mashed potatoes, beets, red onion, and chives on rye bread.

EGGPLANT PARMESAN -11- served with a farm greens salad

TURKEY SANDO : with avocado, greens & basil aioli on a potato bun $9
-CHICKEN TACOS : with cilantro, onion, cream & lime on three sisters corn tortillas. 2 for $6

Add Willapa Bay Oyster for $2!

SWEET POTATO GRATIN-8- made with kale, shallots, parmesan, & bread crumbs, and served with a farm greens salad

September 2015

SOUTHERN DELIGHT -12- Freshly braised collard greens, homemade cornbread, our housemade famous Brisket w/ our signature BBQ sauce and hatch chiles! Yum! 
PADRON PEPPERS -5- Roasted to order with olive oil and sea salt.
CHOP SALAD -10- chicories, farm greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, goddess dressing, and breadcrumbs. A salad feast!

MAC & CHEESE -8- The ultimate in comfort food! Our mac and cheese has roasted red peppers, parmesan cheese, with a crunchy topping of housemade breadcrumbs. 
COUNTRY FRIED CHICKEN -14- Topped with Sausage Gravy and served with Mashed Potatoes.

SWEDISH MEATBALLS - 12- with mashed potatoes, rye toast, and lingonberry jam.

FENNEL & GARLIC SAUSAGE or HATCH CHILE & CHEDDAR SAUSAGE -12- With your choice of 2 sides. (Sides listed below!) 

FRIED GREEN TOMATOES -7- With remoulade & coleslaw. 

BISCUITS & TOMATO GRAVY -8- With a fried egg. A brunch favorite, for dinner! 

CHOP SALAD -10- chicories, tomato, cucumber, radish, house bacon, bread crumbs, goddess dressing

SOUP -3/cup, 5/bowl-

- Smoky Saffron Tomato


- Leeks vinaigrette with sieved egg
- Cucumber dill salad
- Pasta salad with fresh herbs and vinaigrette
- Tabbouleh
- French fries
- Farm greens salad
- Tomato soup


August 2015

SHISHITO PEPPERS -5- Sauteed in olive oil and finished with sea salt. Great meal starter!
ROAST CHICKEN -15- A quarter chicken roasted to perfection with braised summer squash, saffron and garlic sauce, como toast. (Please allow 30 minutes)
DILL PICKLE BANGER -12- With choice of 2 house sides. 
HOUSE FROMAGE BLANC -12- Accompanied by yellow wax beans, kohlrabi, pickled beets, fresh farm greens, como toast. 
CHOP SALAD -10- Iceberg, greens, salami, cheddar, oil-cured olives, pickled beets, coriander vinaigrette. 
MISO CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP -6- Savory broth, scallions, and sesame seeds. (BOWL only)

FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH -10- With curried zucchini pickles, mayo, iceberg lettuce on a potato bun.

CHEESEBURGER & FRIES -10- Our Homemade Burger with Melted Gouda Cheese, Mayo, Grilled Onions and Iceberg Lettuce served on a Potato Bun with Bread and Butter Pickles.
ROAST CHICKEN -15- A quarter chicken roasted to perfection with braised summer squash, saffron and garlic sauce, como toast. (Please allow 30 minutes)
DILL PICKLE BANGER -12- With choice of 2 house sides served in a Hoagie Bun.
HOUSE FROMAGE BLANC -12- Accompanied by yellow wax beans, kohlrabi, pickled beets, fresh farm greens, como toast.
CHOP SALAD -10- Iceberg, farm greens, salami, cheddar, oil-cured olives, pickled beets, coriander vinaigrette.
VICHYSOISSE (bowl only) -7- Chilled potato soup with poached egg, croutons, sea salt, parsley.
LAMB REUBEN -11- Braised lamb shoulder, housemade sauerkraut, aux jus, gruyere cheese, and spicy russian dressing on rye bread. 
SAVORY GALETTE -8- Bacon, tomato jam, arugula w/ dijon and a side salad.


July 2015

BACON AND BEER BRAT: ($12) Served w/ two sides from our kitchen or deli, Housemade and Gluten Free!
HATCH AND TILLAMOOK SAUSAGE: ($12) Served w/ two sides!
CHICORY CHOP SALAD: ($10) Roasted Califlower, Fresh Chicories, Parmesan, Homemade Croutons, and a Creamy Cucumber-Avocado Dressing. 
CHICKEN TACOS: (2 for $6) Corn Tortillas, Cilantro, Onion and Lime...A Classic! 
PORK SHOULDER: ($13) A southern treat! Black Eyed Peas, Braised Greens, Homemade Cornbread, and Scallions.
OPEN-FACED ROMANO BEAN AND EGG SALAD SANDWICH: ($10) on como toast with a multi-herb & hazelnut homemade pesto.

RATATOUILLE -10- Served with a lemon wedge and como toast.

CATFISH FRY -12- Two pieces of catfish, batter and fried, served with fries, coleslaw, and our super special (and secret!) sauce. 

SHISHITO PEPPERS -5- Sauteed in olive oil and finished with sea salt. Great meal starter!

ROASTED CHICKEN -15- Served with slow cooked green beans, little yukon potatoes, and ham. Comes w/ toasted como. Our chicken is made to order, please allow 30 minutes for perfection!

RED HOT SAUSAGE -OR- SAUERKRAUT + CARAWAY BRAT -12- served with choice of two house sides.

PORK CHOP -12- Bone-in 8 oz. chop served with BBQ baked beans and braised collards.

THAI GREEN CURRY -12- with summer veggies and fried tofu. Served over rice. Pretty dang spicy! (Contains shrimp paste and fish sauce)

GREEN CHILE STEW -12- Pork, beef, flame roasted poblano peppers, corn, and potatoes. Served with 3 warm tortillas.

SUMMER CHOP -10- iceberg, mixed greens, finocchiona salami, oil cured olives, cheddar, pickled beets, coriander vinaigrette.


June 2015

ROAST CHICKEN - with mashed potatoes and chicken gravy and braised P's&Q's greens $14
PAPPARDELLE PASTA - with lemons, anchovies, chili flakes, radicchio, romanesco, basil & parmesan $14
BEER BRATWURST - with 2 sides of your choice $12
SPRING SALAD - with butter lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, house bacon, breadcrumbs, and a creamy buttermilk dressing $10

Pan seared PORKLOIN CHOP -14- seared and served with grilled spring vegetables and a ginger lemon morel broth.
House made CURRY BRATWURST -12- with 2 sides of your choice.

FRISEE & FARM GREENS -14- house bacon, figs, croutons, goat cheese & a sherry vinaigrette.

PORK LOIN SCHNITZEL SANDWICH -10- served on a potato bun with mayo, farm greens, & pickled ramps.

BRAISED GREENS GRILLED CHEESE: A delicious addition of greens to the traditional grilled cheese, spiced up by a sriracho mayo and served on a ciabatta bun -8.50

CHICORY CHOP SALAD - 11 - Avocado dressing, white beans, croutons, & parmesan.

GRIDDLED ROAST BEEF: Our homemade roast beef served on a puffy ciabatta bun and complimented by pickled onions, arugala, cheddar and mayo. ($9)

CHICORY CHOP SALAD: Fresh chicory, white beans, parmesan cheese, creamy avocado dressing and topped by crunchy croutons. ($10)

MAMA'S CHEESE BALL: Fromage blanc and gouda cheese rolled in almonds and walnuts, served with housemade sausage and pickle and joined by a farm green side salad as well as Ritz crackers! A delish and fun plate! Serves one as a meal or a tasty snack for two. ($12)

FRIED CATFISH: Perfectly fried catfish served on a sauté of peas, rhubarb and a ham broth. Rave reviews from yesterday for this special debut! ($12)

ROAST CHICKEN: served with pickled peaches, grilled little gems and a cilantro hazelnut pesto. This dish takes 30 minutes to prepare to perfection! ($16)

BBQ PULLED PORK: A classic! Homemade pulled pork served with our coleslaw on a potato bun. ($10)


May 2015

BAHN MI BOWL $9 brown rice, lemongrass slow braised pork, kale cilantro slaw, sweet chili mayo, hot mustard, and radish carrot honey ginger pickles.

BEER BRATWURST HOAGIE $10 served with mayo, mustard, and house sauerkraut.

CITRUS CHOP SALAD $10, chicories, finocchiona salami, green olives, breadcrumbs, pickles turnips & creamy citrus dressing

BLACK BEAN BRISKET CHILI $4/$7 served with house made "fritos" and scallions. 

SOUP: $3 & $5
-smoky tomato saffron
-spring veg with creme fraiche

April 2015

BRAISED LAMB w/ cauliflower, pan drippings, & anchovy aioli $12

housemade MAPLE, PECAN, AND SAGE SAUSAGE with two sides. $12

PORK CHOP with pork cracklings and two sides. $12

LAMB REUBEN with housemade kraut, our special sauce, and swiss, on rye. $10

CHOP SALAD with chicories, pear, fennel, bacon, bread crumbs, and our fabulous goddess dressing. $10

some SIDES include:

CREAMY COLLARDS that are to die for

SLAW with radish, carrot, and snow pea

roasted BEET SALAD with oranges, green olives, pickled onions, and cilantro

SNOW PEA SALAD with shallots and dijon viniagrette

chilled PESTO PASTA SALAD with roasted piquillo pepper, fresh basil, lemon, and parm


SPRING SUCCOTASH with asparagus, turnips, leeks, and black-eyed peas over dirty rice. $11

CHILI CON CARNE with our housemade brisket, black beans, and corn bread. $11

CHILI OVER FRIES with cheddar $9

HOUSEMADE SAUSAGE made with sweet peppers and onions, with two sides of choice. $12

CHICKPEA SANDWICH with tahini, pickled red onions, feta, and arugula on ciabatta. $8 (and like so many of our sandwiches, this one is AWESOME as a salad, for no extra charge).

SMOKED PORK CHOP with grilled veggies $14

BEER BRATWURST and two sides $12


SOUP tomato saffron $3cup/$5bowl


Roasted Beet Salad!
Chickpea Salad!
Kale and Brie Frittata!
Pear, Hazelnut, Nutella Bread Pudding!


Honey Sesame Seed Pie!
Peanut butter Cookies!
Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies!

GRIDDLED ROAST BEEF SANDWICH $9 swiss, arugula, pickled onion, lemon pepper aioli 

FAVA BEAN SPREAD $12 with manchego, green salad, grilled como toast, and pickled red onion

BEER BRATWURST $12, with two sides

Polenta Burger with poblano peppers, pickled onions, mayo, arugula on a potato bun $10

--Frittata: potato, scallion, blue cheese $5/6 with salad

mashed potatoes with scallions
beet salad w/ oranges and olives
snow pea salad with shallots and tarragon
potato salad with asparagus and dill
farro salad with feta currants and kale
chickpea salad with preserved lemons and herbs
the best deviled eggs in town

Housemade hungarian sausage, served with 2 sides of your choice $12

Fried chicken sandwich with pickled mustard greens on a potato bun $10

Dirty rice with ham, sweet potatoes & egg $9

Fromage blanc plate with como toast, peppadew peppers & asparagus $8

FARRO, PARSNIP, AND LEEK w/ lemon cream $3/$5

CHEESEBURGER with griddled onion, pickled onion, gouda, mayo, and iceberg lettuce on a potato bun. Served with fries, $10!

CHILI BRAISED BRISKET over creamy polenta with pan sauce and shredded cabbage. $12

POTATO CAKE made with sunchokes topped with a preseved lemon whip and shaved red onion. $5

March 2015

Housemade Cheeseburger: with gouda, griddled onion, pickled onion, iceberg and mayo on a potato bun. Served with fries $10

Orange and Avocado Salad: mixed greens, green olives, avocado, orange pieces, dukkah spice blend, and a fennel orange vinaigrette $9

GRIDDLED BEEF SANDO: with swiss, tarragon aioli, pickled red onions, arugula, all on a potato bun. $9

CHICKPEA SALAD SANDO! back from a vacation. feta, tahini, pickled onions, arugula on ciabatta $8

GRILLED CHICKEN SKEWERS: atop Asian pear rice pilaf (turmeric, currants) and our tomato saffron couli. Wow. $12

·DIRTY RICE: topped with black eyed peas, greens from our garden and a vinaigrette peanut sauce. This is vegetarian and comes as a Bowl Only. $9

TURMERIC RICE BOWL with kimchi, sriracha mayo & a fried egg $9

SPECIAL GRILLED CHEESE : braised greens, swiss, cheddar & peanut sauce on ciabatta $8

ASPARAGUS AND FARM GREENS: with crispy coppa (thinly sliced, spicy pork shoulder), herbs, parm, and topped with a fried egg $10

HERB GRILLED TURKEY SANDWICH: with pickled onions, gouda, mayo, and farms greens on a hoagie roll. $9

SPINACH SALAD: with pickled beets, candied nuts, roasted garlic oil, and sheep's milk feta. $10

SAUERKRAUT SOUP with smoked house-made sausage and corned beef. $4 cup / $7/bowl

SHRIMP SALAD: mild mustard greens, aioli, house-made croutons, fried egg on top $9

FIRE AND ICEBERG SALAD: with spicy house made French dressing, chicories, walnuts, and blue cheese $9

DIRTY HASH: rice, ham, parsley, sweet potato, topped with a fried egg! $8

TACO PIE: pinto beans, cheddar, cabbage slaw, sour cream, green onions and radishes. $8

OPEN SWEDISH MEATBALL SANDWICH: w/ mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam on rye. $10

CHILI BRAISED BRISKET over creamy polenta with pan sauce and shredded cabbage. $12

POTATO CAKE made with sunchokes topped with a preseved lemon whip and shaved red onion. $5

TURKEY SANDWICH w/ pesto, peppadew peppers, swiss, and arugula on a potato bun. $9

HOUSE MADE SAUSAGE PLATE: a spicy mustard and caraway bratwurst served w/ 2 sides of your choice. $12

SAUERKRAUT, CHEDDAR, & POTATO PEROGI: served with pickled onion, mustard, and 2 sides of your choice. $12

PEAR AND FENNEL SALAD: chicories & creamy tarragon dressing topped w/ breadcrumbs $10

HOT MUFFALETTA: salami, ham, olives and herbs, mayo and dressed arugula on ciabatta. $9

FROMAGE BLANC PLATE: served with peppadew peppers, como toast, a farm greens salad, and blanched asparagus. $8

HOUSEMADE CORNED BEEF with boiled cabbage and carrots, potato & parsnip colcannon, housemade Irish soda bread & parsley sauce. $14

Super Special BEER PAIRINGS include: 
Traquair House Ale $8
Samuel Smith Organic Pale Ale $5
Cans o' Guiness $2

HAM, cheddar, apple habanero slaw on potato bun $9

Smoked Chicken Posole: hominy, smoked chicken, in a rich broth served w/ lime, cilantro & tortilla strips $10 for a bowl

Otis' Housemade Sausage served w/ red hatch chiles, cheddar & your choice of 2 sides $12

Pear & Fennel Salad: chicories & creamy tarragon dressing topped w/ breadcrumbs $10

$3 cup / $5 bowl 

Smoky saffron, sweet pepper & tomato


Cream of parsnip, spiced with house made chai

February 2015

seared scallops over linguine with lemon butter sauce $14
-oyster chowder served with sourdough toast $12
-mussels frites in house made aquavit, shallot & fennel cream sauce with tarragon aioli $12
-shrimp po boy with creamy remoulade & house coriander cilantro slaw on a hoagie $11

-smoked salmon & herb omelette with salad & toast $12

HOUSEMADE CHEESEBURGER! with griddled onion, gouda, mayo, served with fries $10

HOUSEMADE SAUSAGE: made with caramelized cabbage, onion, and brown beer. served with your choice of 2 sides $12 

PEAR & FENNEL SALAD: colorful chicories w/ creamy tarragon dressing and topped w/ breadcrumbs $10

SMOKED SALMON SALAD: preserved lemons, capers, tarragon & chives; served over greens w/ tarragon aioli & rye crisps $10

SOUPS: cup $3 / bowl $5
Smokey Tomato Saffron
Bacon Vegetable Chowder

SIDE: $4
Scalloped potatoes w/ ham


Farro and Kale Salad with feta and currants
Chickpea Salad with preserved lemons, chives, salt and pepper
Housemade hummus!

Chocolate Cake with cardamom-chai cream cheese icing $5
Shoo-Fly Pie $5
Pecan Linzer Cookies with marionberry jam $2
Bread Pudding with Nutella and pear $5

LINGUINE: with peas, bacon, and white wine cream sauce $9

DIRTY FRIES! with onion gravy and cheddar $5

PARSNIP POLENTA w/ grilled chicken quarter, & rosemary mushrooms $14

BRISKET PLATE: slow braised in Hot Mama chile oil, lime juice, vinegar, cumin, sesame seed. Served w/ rice, beans, and tortillas $12

BRISKET TACOS (2) served a la carte w/ onion & cilantro $6.50

FRIED CHICKEN: 2 pieces (both a white breast and a dark leg),
comes with two sides of your choice (french fries, salad, deli case items, cup of soup). $14

israeli cous cous salad
roasted beet salad
farro, kale, & currant salad

pork shoulder braised with chile, onion, garlic, coriander & cumin. served w/ pinto beans & cornbread $12 

housemade sausage, baked into Yorkshire pudding, topped w/ madeira & onion gravy served w/ your choice of two sides $12

fried polenta w/ "Los Roast" Hatch chiles, pickled onion, arugula, & mayo on a potato bun $10 

arugula & chicories w/ caramelized shallots, shaved fennel & pear, topped with cilantro and feta: lightly and lovingly dressed $10 

brussel sprout gratin, topped with parmesan $4

SOUPS (cup $3 / bowl $5) 
creamy bacon & potato (gluten free)

GRILLED CHICKEN MASALA with saffron basmati rice, cilantro raita and black currants. $12

other specials include:

TURKEY SANDWICH with grilled herb turkey, formage blanc, pickled onions and greens on a hoagie. $8


January 2015

SKIPPIN JENNY : rice, black eyed peas, ham, bacon, mire poix, fennel & pickled jalapeños hash served with collards & cornbread $11

HOUSEMADE SPICY HUNGARIAN SAUSAGE with gouda pirogies, pickled beets, sour cream & kraut $12

PHILLY CHEESE STEAK with house-made roast beef, swiss, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, horseradish cream & gremolata $10


CHOP : chopped chicories, housemade bacon, roasted delicata, chopped kiyokawa apple in creamy herb dressing $9

house deli salads & sweets galore

Meat board - 10 - variety smoked meats, Tillamook white cheddar, spicy whole grain mustard, saltines 

Orrecchiete - 14 - housemade pasta with sausage, peppers, oil-cured olives, served with como toast & a salad 

Cheesesteak - 10 - roast beef, swiss, mayo, onions, mushrooms, bell pepper gremolata 

Eggplant Po' Boy - 9 - potato bun, coleslaw, remoulade, fried eggplant 

Hungarian Sausage - 10 - housemade spicy sausage, with mayo, mustard & sauerkraut on a hoagie 

desserts! :: housemade chocolate-dipped marshmallows (??!) 
:: chocolate peanut butter cake
:: rawdacious cheesecake (raw/vegan/GF) - peppermint chocolate

Housemade Cheeseburger - 10 - with special sauce, iceberg, gouda, and griddled onion. Served with fries and our delicious house made bread and butter pickles

Kimchi Grilled Cheese - 9 - Blue Bus kimchi, cheddar, gouda on ciabatta

BRUSSEL SPROUT GRATIN : rye cracker crust, sage, spicy mustard, turmeric & nutmeg. served with a side salad $10

BEEF STEW : served with pickled beets, chives & rye toast $10


COQ AU RIESLING : served with dumplings & salad $14

CHILI CON CARNE : with brisket, cheddar, sour cream & tortillas $10

BURDOCK ROOT GNOCCHI tossed with roasted kabocha squash, arugula & lemon nutmeg cream. whoa whoa whoa! $12


BEEF STROGANOFF w. salad $14

WARM KOHLRABI SALAD braised collard greens, kohlrabi slaw in a creamy avocado dressing with a fried egg and savory granola $8

ROOT VEGETABLE GRATIN parsnip, celery root, potato $3 as a side (try it with the milk-braised chicken!)

PEAR AND FENNEL SALAD shallots, chives, feta, arugula, mixed greens, almonds, cilantro $9

-BRITISH BANGER with shallots and apples & 2 sides $12

-GRILLED CHICKEN QUARTER (marinated in preserved lemons, herbs and olive oil) served w/ 2 sides $14

-PAPAS BRAVAS topped with aioli $6

-WILTED SPINACH SALAD w/ shallots, raisins, olives, preserved lemon and hazelnuts $8


December 2014

Turkey mole over pasta $12

Chop salad: radicchio, escarole, bacon, roast delicata & apple in creamy herb dressing $9

Roasted acorn squash soup $3/$5

Smoky tomato & saffron soup $3/$5

Lamb, beef & pork meatloaf served with mashed potatoes & sautéed cauliflower $14

Yellow Finn & celeriac gratin, served with farm greens $10

HOUSEMADE SPICY HUNGARIAN SAUSAGE with gouda pirogies, pickled beets, sour cream & kraut $12

PHILLY CHEESE STEAK with house-made roast beef, swiss, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, horseradish cream & gremolata $10

SCRAPPLE SANDWICH with cheddar, iceberg, mustard, and mayo on white bread (scrapple made with pork, chicken liver, and rice) $9

CHOP SALAD with chopped escarole & radicchio, roasted delicata, chopped apples & house made bacon in creamy herb dressing $9


October 2014

CHICORY CHOP: escarole, radicchio, roasted delicata squash, bacon, apples, and creamy herb dressing $10

CABBAGE SANDWICH: (think vegetarian rueben) braised red cabbage, cheddar, apple, whole grain mustard and your choice of campagnolo or rye bread $9

CHEESEBURGER & FRIES: (we only have a few left!) gouda, iceberg lettuce, grilled onions, tomato and mayo $10

RAMEN BOWL: ramen noodles, pork belly, soft egg, green onions in a pork broth $8

FRIED GREEN TOMATOES: 3 delicious fried green tomatoes with a side of remoulade $5

BANH MI (our version, anyway!): housemade shrimp & pork sausage, tomato, plum mustard, mayo, coleslaw, on a hoagie $10

BEET SALAD : golden & red beets in creamy coconut milk dressing with cilantro, toasted cumin & mustard seed $5

FRIED CHICKEN : buttermilk battered chicken, served with 2 sides of your choice & house made green tomato ketchup $13

FRIED RICE!: basmati rice, egg, garlic, basil & other herbs, curry, diced tomato & smoked trout!! Wow. Grab a large bowl for $10


September 2014

ROASTED MUSIC GARLIC: served with toast and manchego $8
or just the garlic $3/ head

LAMB CHOPS: 2 pan-fried chops served with sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and grilled bread $14

SEASONAL CHOP SALAD: iceberg, greens toscano salami, cheddar, pickled beets, oil cured olives, coriander vinaigrette $9

KOREAN STYLE PORK SAUSAGE: with sesame seeds, soy sauce, house made plum mustard, Blue Bus kraut-chi, on a hoagie $10

--SOUP-- $3 cup/$5 bowl Served with toast!

Smokey Saffron Tomato
Broccoli, Cheese & Ham


August 2014

Cincinnati chili: chili con carne, over fettuccine noodles, topped w/ sweet Willamette onions and heirloom tomatoes. $10


Chicken Masala over saffron plum pilaf, served with tomato coulis and toasted almonds $12

Carnitas Torta w/ avocado, coleslaw, sour cream, and tomatillo salsa on a potato bun $10

House-smoked Pork Spareribs w/ BBQ sauce, black eyed peas and broccoli greens $12

Summer Veggie & Fresh Roasted Hatch Chile Ragout over seared polenta and ham steak, topped w/ a fried egg $12

CHICORY CHOP radicchio & sugarloaf chicories, cucumber, radishes, tomato, bacon, creamy herb dressing $9

braised pork shoulder served over grilled polenta with green chile tomatillo broth. oh, yeah, and a hatch chile relleno just for good measure. AMAZING!$15

hatch chile relleno a la carte $5

tomato soup with saffron & sweet peppers $3/$5

house made cheddar & los roast hatch chile sausage, served with 2 sides of your choice $10

ragout of fresh roasted hatch chiles, fresh corn, summer squash & black eyed peas served over seared polenta with a ham steak and a fried egg $12

house andouille sausage and cabbage soup w/ como toast, bowl only $8

house made bacon, cheddar & potato sausage. choice of 2 sides $12

housemade andouille & chicken jambalaya over red rice w/ pickled okra $9

fried chicken sandwich w/ sweet cucumber pickles, iceberg, mayo. $10

hot roast beef with cheddar, garlic sauce, pickled red onion & arugula on potato bun $9

korean-style pork belly w/ Blue Bus kraut-chi, and BBQ on potato bun $9

zucchini fritters (3) w/ side salad and aioli $8

curried corn soup w/ cilantro yogurt $3/$5

chop salad with oil cured black olives, pickled beets, white cheddar & radishes in coriander vinaigrette $9

COLD BEER on tap:
Barley Browns Pallet Jack IPA (gold medal @ the Great American Brewers Festival 2013)
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Red Tank Happy Cider


July 2014

house made bacon, cheddar & potato sausage with pickled onions on a hoagie. served with fries $10

korean style pork belly sandwich with spicy bbq sauce & kimchi on a potato bun $9

spicy masa dumplings in broth with summer veggies & cilantro pesto. $8 bowl

nicoise salad: house smoked trout, fingerling potatoes, aioli, green beans, egg, radish, oil-cured olives

taco pie!!!!!!!!!!!!! w/ crema, coleslaw & radish $9

curried corn soup w/ cilantro yogurt sauce $3/$5

cold avocado & romaine soup $3 / $5 (sounds weird, tastes delicious)

pan seared rainbow trout, thinly sliced lardo, and a side salad of radicchio dressed w/ blackberries, maple syrup and walnut oil $12

summer picnic board: fava bean spread, como toast, castelvatrano olives, pickled radish & manchego $11

Buttermilk Fried Chicken w/ choice of 2 sides $12.50

Grilled Radicchio Gratin $6

Beef Brisket Burger with white cheddar, iceberg, heirloom tomato $11 with fries, $12 with salad

chop salad - toscano salami, white cheddar, oil cured black olives, pickled beets & radish in coriander vinaigrette $9 (all day)

housemade andouille sausage with 2 sides $12 (5:30-9, but also available in grocery all day)

potato leek soup (all day - good hot or cold)

peach, vanilla bean, mint & berry white sangria



June 2014

fresh pea soup with mint & thyme and horseradish cream $3/$5

Runzas : beef, turnip, onion & arugula stuffed brioche buns. served with kraut & wholegrain mustard $4/each

mortadella with special sauce & swiss on ciabatta $9

melon gazpacho w/ sweet pepper oil & avocado $3/$5

scalloped potatoes w/ ham & garlic scapes

Smoked whitefish plate with pickled radish, whitefish spread, rye toast, boiled egg, pickles & crackers $11

10 oz. pork chop w/ walnut, cilantro, jalapeño pesto. choice of 2 sides $12

grandma's green beans and bacon

green garlic & potato vichyssoise w/ toasted lemon oil $3/$5

mexican caesar - hearts of romaine, creamy cotija & roasted garlic dressing, spicy roasted peanuts, avocado, cilantro, radish & lime $9

pork & lamb sausage w/ spices and charred spring onion. choice of 2 sides $12

zucchini fritters (3) w/ horseradish cream and a side salad $8

creamy braised lamb shoulder with dill, charred spring veggies & como toast $12


May 2014

Housemade bangers with 2 sides $12

Tuna melt on campagnolo $8

Cheesesteak! Onions, peppers, mushrooms & american cheese on a hoagie $9

Runzas: brioche buns filled with beef, onions & cabbage. Served with secret sauce & sauerkraut. $3/each

Pan roasted whole trout with green garlic & chive house butter. Served with 2 sides of your choice. $14

Chili Mac & Cheese. $9

White bean, spanish chorizo & arugala gratin. Comes w/ a side salad. $10

white beans topped with braised chicken, gremolata & como toast $11

house smoked cheddar melt with avocado, piquillo peppers & smoked paprika mayo on ciabatta $9

creamy polenta topped with a fried egg & sautéed asparagus $9

gathering together chicories with radishes, grapes & rogue blue cheese in dijon vinaigrette $9

chop salad with pickled beets, oil cured black olives, toscano salami & vintage white cheddar in coriander vinaigrette $9

barbecued chicken - 
1/2 chicken with 4 sides (enough for 2 people) $19
1/4 chicken with 2 sides (for 1) $11

herbed roast lamb, served with roasted root veggies, demi glace & lemon mint sauce over como - open face sandwich style! $14

housemade smoked bratwurst served with 2 sides of your choice $12


April 2014

deviled eggs $0.75 each

housemade sausage, mozzarella & olive calzones $6

pickled eggs & pickled veggies plate $2each

beef, potato & parsnip pasty with mushroom gravy & salad $10

white bean & sausage stew $4/$8

roasted chicken pieces (2) w/ garlic & sweet chili sauces. Choose 2 sides. $12

housemade bangers served with white bean puree & stewed farm greens $12

REALLY GOOD trifecta meatloaf with 2 sides of your choice $12

fried chicken club with house bacon, iceberg & mayo on a potato bun $9

chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes & country gravy $12

spring vegetable soup with radish, fennel, brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, onion, leeks and aromatics in rich broth $5 / bowl or $3 / cup


March 2014

poached chicken over white beans & kale. served with grilled bread. perhaps the perfect spring meal $10

Pierogis with gouda, caramelized onion & potato. Served with sour cream, kraut, pickled beets & a salad $10

White bean, bacon & arugula soup with lemon zest & olive oil. Served with house made bread. $8

schnitzle, creamy slaw & pickles on potato bun $9

corned beef with cabbage, squashed potatoes, carrots, house made Irish soda bread & creamy parsley sauce. $12. all day or til it's gone.

braised lamb & mashed potato shepherd's pie $12.50

texas style chili with black beans. served with house made cornbread $9


February 2014

catfish po boy with creamy remoulade & cilantro slaw $9.50

tomato & cinnamon braised pork shoulder with green olives, leeks & herbs served over creamy polenta $13

beef stroganoff with mushrooms over house made parpadelle $13

buffalo jo's : handcut potatoes wedges tossed in hot sauce, served with house made ranch $6

baked ziti with marinara, mozzarella, pork sausage, fresh herbs & coppa. served with farm greens in sherry vinaigrette & garlic bread $9

root vegetable gratin : with parsnips, carrots, sunchoke, potato, yam, caramelized onion & herbs $5

taco pie! corn tortilla & black bean casserole with cilantro slaw and sour cream $7

lamg & cabbage stew, served with hearty bread $8

chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes & country gravy $12

hot chicken wings with a side of housemade ranch $1/each

grilled cheddar, gouda, caramelized cabbage & pickled fennel on ciabatta $7


January 2014

winter stew with carrots, parsnips, turnips & bacon $8
pasta carbonara with fettucine $10
creamed cauliflower $4 (side)
deviled ham spread with toasts, salad & pickles $8


December 2013

gouda arancini in a smoky marinara with a side salad $8

wild mushroom sugo on house made pappardelle with gremolata(THIS IS CRAZY GOOD!) $12

beef stew with hearty bread $8

bacon & brussels sprout gratin $4

-hazelnut & raspberry thumbprints
-bacon & brussels sprout strata
-tomato braised fennel with saffron
-potato salad
-fruit salad with mint & ginger
-cabbage & cilantro slaw in coriander vinaigrette
-roasted kabocha squash
-german chocolate cake
-peanut butter frosted chocolate cake
-chocolate chip cookies
-gingerbread reindeer
-apple pie
-sweet & spicy nuts
-orange zest & ginger biscotti
-banana bread


November 2013

meatballs in marinara with provolone & mama lil's peppers on a hoagie $10

chicken & dumplings $8


-herby mac & cheese triangles

-roasted brussels sprouts with sage butter & wholegrain mustard

-roasted carrots with herbs, capers & oil cured olives

-german potato salad

-cabbage & cilantro slaw in coriander vinaigrette

-roasted broccoli with pickled garlic, anchovies, parmesan & chili flakes

House made bangers with gravy & sides of buttered cabbage & roasted carrots

Roast chicken with garlic & sweet chile sauces and two sides of your choice


October 2013






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